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Trucking News


4th of July for Truckers in the Historic Triangle

The 4th of July is all about celebrating when the United States won its bid for freedom from England. So which place is a naturally good fit when it comes to the festivities? The place where America got its start …

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The Difference Between AOBRD and E-Log Devices

Truck driving is an industry that is ever increasingly dependent on technology. The latest ways of using tech in the truck is with automatic on-board recording devices and electronic logging devices. AOBRDs do many of the same things as e-log …

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Trucking Fails Videos That You Just Won’t Believe

As you sit there waiting for the paperwork on your next order, why not pause for some YouTube entertainment? Grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop and either use available local wi-fi or your cellular data. If you have a hotspot …

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What is the CSA and Why Should I Care?

When talking about truck driving jobs the CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability. These three letters can make or break a truck driving career depending on what your CSA record says about your driving history. You want to have a …

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Truck Parking

Truck Parking Etiquette: How Not to Behave Badly at Truck Stop Parking Lots

Home away from home, truck stops fulfill many of the needs of over the road truck drivers. The basic premise is that having an OTR trucking job means you live in your truck. Having everything you need an exit away …

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5 Important Ways that Diesel Violations Affect Truckers in the US

When the news broke in September 2015 regarding the


New Truck Technology: Trucks, Applications, and Accessories

Every year, truck manufacturers and application developers are creating

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Press Release: Prime Inc. to Pay Over $3 Million After Court Ruled it Used Discriminatory Hiring Practices

PRESS RELEASE 5-31-16 Trucking Giant's Same-Sex Trainer Policy Kept Women Drivers


Gas Prices and How They Impact the Trucking Industry

When fuel prices increased, retail prices for everything from


What Truckers Need to Know About the FAST Act Highway Bill

As the Obama administration rolls out its final year

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Love’s New Tanker Supports CMNH

For over 15 years, Love’s Travel Stops --

cape fear trucking program

CFCC’s Truck Driver Training Video is a Must Watch

Ever wondered what it’s really like learning how

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Comedy Skit Mocks the Blockbuster Allure of Failing Infrastructure

It is no secret that American infrastructure (or