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Refrigerated Truck Driving Jobs Provider Shaffer Trucking Announces New Free Ride Policy


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In an effort to make the driving experience as pleasant as possible Shaffer Trucking has updated their rider policy. This new policy is intended to give the Shaffer drivers much more flexibility in who they can take with them on trips. One of the more significant changes is the ability to take children along. Although children under 4 require a non-driving parent along as well, children ages 4-18 are able to ride without non-driver supervision.

Specifically the new policy allows the following riders at no cost:
• Spouse, which includes “common law” spouse where permitted by law
• One child, stepchild, foster child, niece/nephew, or grandchild
• One adult age 19 or older

“Being able to take family, and even a friend, along on rides at no cost, makes the rigors of being an over-the-road driver much more tolerable. The time away from home and family is hard, but if you have a loved one along for the ride it’s not so bad,” says one of Shaffers drivers.

Shaffer Trucking recognized that having passengers on rides was a significant benefit to its refrigerated truck driving jobs drivers. Not only does it help with the morale of the driver, but it also improves safety by having someone to help watch for hazards and assist in keeping the driver alert. Shaffer is always looking for ways to improve the driver experience, and this new policy is evidence of that mindset.

Shaffer Trucking Jobs is one of the nation’s largest food and temperature-sensitive shippers. They provide coast-to-coast National and dedicated fleet services, operating 1,400 power units and 2,800 state-of-the-art trailers. Shaffer is proud to be the premier transportation supplier to the candy, confection, and beverage industries, delivering more candy than any other carrier.

Media Contact:
Andy Brabec
Crete Carrier

Press Release courtesy of Online PR Media: http://bit.ly/XSDQw9

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