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5 Important Ways that Diesel Violations Affect Truckers in the US

When the news broke in September 2015 regarding the VW emissions scandal, executive heads rolled. Certain Volkswagen engines were fitted with devices so they could cheat on emissions testing. More cheating charges are anticipated pending the ongoing investigation, but already …

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Can Luxury Big Rigs Entice Truck Drivers to the Industry?

If you’ve ever been to the Great American Trucking Show then you know all about luxury rigs trimmed to the nines. Ever imagined yourself driving such a


New Truck Technology: Trucks, Applications, and Accessories

Every year, truck manufacturers and application developers are creating new technology to help truckers owner/operators and motor carriers


What Do Truck Drivers Transport in the US?

In February 2015 an article showed up on NPR that presented a map of the US and the top occupations per state. On that map, “truck, delivery


10 Ways to Tell a Truck Driver Thank You

  This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so the next time you see a trucker make it a point to be kinder than usual. Giving out hugs


Will Uber Overcome the Need for Truck Driving Jobs?

All of the sudden, the trucking industry spins on its own axles thanks to the intro of Uber. For individuals living in big cities, you’ll recognize Uber as


How to Budget and Save Money as an OTR Trucker

The whole point of getting the best paying trucking jobs is so you can make money. But what if you are spending more

top rookie

Randall-Reilly Reveals “Top Rookie” Finalists

Randall-Reilly has unveiled the top 10 finalists in its 2015 Mike O’Connell Memorial Trucking’s Top Rookie contest. The program was launched four years ago with the goal

Trucking's Top Rookie

Search Is on for Trucking’s Top Rookie

Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be Trucking’s Top Rookie? If so, Randall-Reilly wants to hear from you. Nominations for the prestigious

Julie Matulle 3

FVTC Trucking Program Grad Finds Success on the Road

A recent graduate of Fox Valley Technical College’s truck driver training program, Julie Matulle, has found her home on the road.