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Trucking News

truck driver's random act of kindness

Highway Angels team up for delivery

Professional truck drivers expect to deliver all kinds of goods and products during their careers, but a baby? Well, that’s just what happened to two truck drivers who happened to be at a Denny’s restaurant last November 30, while taking …

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Fueling Truck

Pay As You Go

Highway funding system needs minor adjustment, not replacement Like the proverbial bad penny, the idea of a mileage tax has popped up once again. Most recently,

truck driver's random act of kindness

Thank You, Trucker

Within the trucking industry, there are numerous outlets for recognizing the drivers that make this world a better place. Whether it’s a company recognizing a driver of the

trucker logs

Let your logbook be your guide

An Albany news source covered a traffic homicide recently, and it, of course, turned into a logbook debate. A truck driver accidentally struck a police officer

Merry Christmas

‘Tis the Season

A little over 40 years ago the legendary country music artist, Jerry Lee Lewis, had a smash hit with the tune

Open Season for Border Smuggling

Imagine you are driving along without a care


Fighting Holiday Stress

For many exhausted truckers, this time of year has started feeling less like Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and more like Even Santa

Save Money on Fuel

5 Tricks to Save Money on Fuel

Fuel is one of the largest costs associated with driving an owner operated truck. As the miles add up over the road, nothing hurts worse than paying at

Without Trucks America STOPS

Dear Truckers, We Need You and This Is Why

Hallmark doesn't have a card that quite sums up how much we appreciate all you truckers out there or even remotely conveys what you mean to us...but this


Inspection Reports Tell All: Keep Your Truck Up to Speed

Accurate inspection reports and regular maintenance are essential to optimal performance on the road. Trucks spend insane amounts of time on the road. Suggesting these vehicles require a great