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Alaska Truck

The Best Truck Driving Schools in Alaska

Hunting for a truck driving school in Alaska? If you are a resident of the Last Frontier, then you know you have one of two big decisions to make. Should you go to a big city trucking school in Anchorage …

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Truckers Can Stay Fueled with These Small Dietary Changes

Truck drivers are in a Catch-22. By the nature of trucking jobs, truck drivers have to stay seated behind the wheel for most


What is the Women in Trucking Foundation?

Women make up only a scant 5 percent of the truck driving community. In case your math is rusty, that means men truckers comprise 95 percent of


Feeling Fancy? How the Monaco Grand Prix and Nascar are Completely Different

OK race fans, it’s time to test your knowledge. Two of the biggest racing business ventures in the world are NASCAR and the Monaco Grand Prix. Sure both


Protecting Temporary Workers: Drivers and Support Staff

When you use temporary workers, safety is a major concern. Often, employers forget that the temporary workers need training just as the permanent workers do. This may


Why Trucking is the Perfect Job for Young People

Ask nearly anyone to describe the typical truck driver and chances are they'll conjure up a visual of a man aged mid-30s to mid-50s. They'll likely say he

Truck with American Flag on the front

Constitutional Issues: Electronic Log Devices

A new regulation that requires electronic logging devices has been implemented; however, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed


Trucker’s Health: Keeping Medical Logs

Something that many truckers don't think of is keeping a log of their medical health in the truck. No one expects to get into an accident, but some


How One Woman Built a $400 Million Trucking Company

In the trucking world, women aren’t the forerunners. In fact, women make up 5.8 percent of 3.4 million truckers in the US as of 2015. This is up


The Dream of a Trucks Only Highway System

When it comes to dangers on the job, truck drivers experience one danger that is out of their control. They are constantly at risk from the drivers around