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Trucking News


Distinguished Chevron Scientist retiring after 39 years

The name Jim McGeehan might not sound familiar, but if you’ve stopped at a Chevron to fill up your truck with gas during the last 39 years, he’s a man you need to thank for helping to make that possible. …

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Historic trucks on display at ATHS convention

May 28th is shaping up to be the ultimate Throwback Thursday for trucking enthusiasts. The American Truck Historical Society’s 2015 National Convention and Truck Show, which will


Trucker’s explanation for smuggling illegal immigrants doesn’t add up

We are constantly amazed by the actions of truckers. There are constantly stories about truckers lending a helping hand, overcoming adversity, or using their time to promote

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Trucker takes prayer trek around the U.S.

It's with humility and inspiration that former truck driver Randy Montgomery decided to take a 14,500 mile walk around the border of the United States. This trek will


Tornado 101: Safety Tips For Truckers

Tornadoes have been documented in all 50 states, and while they are most common in the spring, they can occur any time throughout the year. Given the

Rollick Hotels 4

Mobile hotel rooms with a trucking twist

If you’ve ever traveled to a city to attend a special event, you’ve probably experienced it. From sporting events to music festivals, hotel rooms can be hard

trucking vs railroads

Honesty important in trucking/railroad debate

Recently, there has been a push among some in the trucking industry to increase the length and weight limits of trucks on the road. However, not everyone

Speed Limit 70

Ohio lawmakers nix highway provisions

Ohio lawmakers have nixed recent proposals that would have raised highway speed limits and restricted left-lane usage as a result of concerns about safety and possible lawsuits.

Judges Gavel

Kaplan Trucking sued for wrongful death

Kaplan Trucking is being sued for the wrongful death of one of their employees. Tracy Walker of Bluefield, West Virginia says the trucking company, as well as


Father/son duo busted for truck theft ring, chameleon carriers scheme

A father-son duo has been sentenced in federal court for their role in a million dollar truck and cargo theft ring, United States Attorney for the Western