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Trucking News


Trucking Fail: What Not to Do in Your Trucking Job

Everyone makes mistakes on the job. That’s why so much emphasis is put on experience or education as a means of minimizing these mistakes. But when you’re a truck driver, mistakes you make on the road can be so significant …

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Pepsi vs. Coke: How Much Do Truckers Make?

That age-old question, Pepsi or Coke, has fueled the Cola Wars for years. Whether you have a preference for Coca Cola or Pepsi is based on


Smugglers’ Notch, the Widowmaker and Other Notorious Trucking Roads

Truck drivers have to face dangers every single day, every single mile. After dealing with road rage, crappy weather and construction zone followed by construction zone, the


The Speed Limiter Mandate Rule: What it Means for You

Sometimes you need to put the pedal to the metal to get your loads delivered on time. It happens, and you just hope you don’t get caught.


Deals for Truckers During Truck Driver Appreciation Week

As you are likely aware National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is coming up. For all over the road truckers this is the time to stock up on


7 Days to Thank a Trucker

In case you’ve been hiding in your sleeper for the past month you are likely to know that a very special week is upcoming for truck drivers.


What’s Happening for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Long haul truckers and regional truck drivers alike get their share of praise during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2016. You’ll find deals at


Top Truck Stops in America: Dysart’s of Bangor, Maine

If you have the chance to take a truck driving job that carries you clear to Bangor, Maine, you are in for a


Labor Day Grilling for OTR Truckers: Tips and Safety Precautions

As a truck driver working over the road it can be a challenge to celebrate holidays. After all, you’ve missed your share of birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days


Gifts That Show You Really Appreciate a Trucker

In celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week on September 11 to 17, 2016, we want to share some ideas of ways to show you appreciate a