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Trucking News

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6 Terrifying Trucking Movies That Make You Drop a Load

While hard-working truckers are deserving of nothing less than the utmost respect, Hollywood continues to make truckers out to be the villains in horror movies. But around this time of year, it can be amusing to join in on the …

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We Built These Highways

For the next few weeks, the United States will be heavily engaged in the semi-annual agony we call our elections. No matter which side you choose for Congress

eric stonestreet

New trucking comedy headed to small-screen

The trucking world is headed to the small-screen. Eric Stonestreet, star on hit TV show Modern Family, is taking his first stab at producing with a new

highway angel award

Training helps Highway Angel assist fellow trucker

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has named William Hunt of Crossett Inc., a Highway Angel, after he helped a fellow trucker involved in a serious accident. On April 21,


Autopilot or Auto Pile-up?

There’s been a fair bit of attention given to autonomous vehicles lately with an on-highway demonstration of a self-driven truck in Germany and a recent Intelligent Transportation conference

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Trucking’s Deals with the Devil

Ever since the trucking industry got off to a slow start around 1900, it has been a story filled of deals with the devil for the drivers. Keep

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15 Words That Have Different Meanings For Truckers

It's more than just a job, it's a way of life.


What it


Chia and flax seeds provide healthy alternative for truckers

In the transportation industry, eating healthy can be difficult, especially for truck drivers who spend two to six weeks out on the road. Driving all day can

highway funding

Legislators opt for highway fund Band-Aid

To avert the impending insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund, legislators acted late last month to put an interim fix in place that will continue funding through May


23 Healthier Fast Food Options

As a trucker, you often don’t have time to spare.  When it comes to eating on the road, finding a healthy grab-and-go meal can often be a challenge.