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Trucking News


DOT To Begin Audit on Loading and Unloading Delays

One of the biggest issues with truck drivers is the pay. While a certain amount per mile sounds great, when you start deducting time for federal rules that limit hours a driver can drive and wait times while loading and …

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Must-See Shows for Classic Car Lovers

Whether you are a die-hard car lover with a weakness for the classics or you are looking for an event to take the family to on your


6.5 Apps to Keep Truck Drivers Safe

One way to keep truck drivers safe on America’s highways is through the use of smartphones. No, we aren’t telling truckers to pick up their phones and


All About Elizabeth Fretheim: Director of Logistics Sustainability at Walmart

Walmart made a smart move by hiring Elizabeth Fretheim nine years ago. She was once a foreign exchange student who studied business administration and management at the State


The High Cost of Sleep Apnea for Truckers

It has been well documented on this site - and others - that a job as a truck driver is far from the healthiest profession in the


Here’s What Happens When Truckers Go on Strike

The average person likely has a big misconception about trucks and the professionals that drive them. Yes, they likely see trucks as nothing more than slow pokes on


4th of July for Truckers in the Historic Triangle

The 4th of July is all about celebrating when the United States won its bid for freedom from England.


Trucking Fails Videos That You Just Won’t Believe

As you sit there waiting for the paperwork on your next order, why not pause for some YouTube entertainment? Grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop and either


What is the CSA and Why Should I Care?

When talking about truck driving jobs the CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability. These three letters can make or break a truck driving

Truck Parking

Truck Parking Etiquette: How Not to Behave Badly at Truck Stop Parking Lots

Home away from home, truck stops fulfill many of the needs of over the road truck drivers. The basic premise is that having an OTR trucking job