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Support These Truck Driver Charities on Giving Tuesday

It’s that time of year when everyone is spending time connecting with family and friends, buying presents, and going to holiday parties. Of course not everyone is so fortunate, and some of your fellow truck drivers might be on the …

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals All Truckers Want

Everybody’s heard about Black Friday. As a truck driver, however, you are probably not rushing out to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. You need to rest


Famous Truckers: Celebrities Who Spent Time Behind the Wheel

Celebrities make all the money and have all the fame, but have you ever wondered what it took for some of your favorite movie stars to make it


Who is the Man Who Paved the Way for Ice Road Trucking?

Everybody has heard about the “Ice Road Truckers” show, but have you ever wondered where the actual ice roads originated? Somebody had to have the grand idea to

Mad-Max-Fury Road

The 6.5 Best Movies About Truck Drivers of All Time

Any day, any time that you stop off at the World’s Largest Truck Stop on I-80 in Walcott, Iowa, you will see two of the most famous


Can Samsung’s Safety Truck with a Rear Video Screen Save Lives?

Technology can be difficult for truckers to accept, especially when you are talking about electronic on board recorders and other developments which seem to limit the autonomy of


Why Trucker Parking is Such a Failure and How to Fix It

Get on your CB radio at 9 o’clock as you drive through a big city and chances are you’ll hear some trucker talking about not being able to


Be Aware of Cargo Thefts: Minimizing Your Chances of Being a Victim

One of the things truck drivers and trucking companies need to be aware of at all times is cargo theft. Even if a


8 Things You Wish You Could Tell Four Wheelers

Oh the joys of being a trucker, when you are surrounded by four wheelers -- aka passenger car drivers -- who drive you crazy. They dart in and


Finding a Safe Place to Park Overnight and for Off Duty

Truckers aren’t robots, and self driving trucks haven't taken over the roads. Truck driving isn't complicated -- truckers have got to sleep, take breaks