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Trucking News


Best Companies Offering In-Cab Entertainment for Big Rigs

Your truck is your home away from home. You do everything from take catnaps to read magazines. It is your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and sometimes even your bathroom. All confined in that small space of a sleeper. It’s little …

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How to Care for Your Pet Over the Road as a Trucker

Every time you roll through a truck stop parking lot you see truckers with cats on leashes, carrying small dogs, and chasing


2 States Where Hours Enforcement for Truckers is Heaviest

Being a truck driver is difficult enough thanks to all of the government tape. However, like any good paying job you’ll take the good with the bad.


Trafficking is Growing; Here’s How Truckers Can Help End it

Truckers have a unique perspective that makes them the perfect segment of the population to help combat human trafficking. Not only are they on the roads that


The Dangerous Relationship Between Truckers and Lot Lizards

Let’s keep it real and have a conversation about lot lizards. Yes, they are there, sometimes hiding in the shadows of


11 Best Bromance Movies of All Times

One of the most popular ways to unwind after a few hundred miles over the road is to watch a movie or two. Pop a DVD into


Trucking Fail: What Not to Do in Your Trucking Job

Everyone makes mistakes on the job. That’s why so much emphasis is put on experience or education as a means of minimizing these mistakes. But when you’re


Pepsi vs. Coke: How Much Do Truckers Make?

That age-old question, Pepsi or Coke, has fueled the Cola Wars for years. Whether you have a preference for Coca Cola or Pepsi is based on


Smugglers’ Notch, the Widowmaker and Other Notorious Trucking Roads

Truck drivers have to face dangers every single day, every single mile. After dealing with road rage, crappy weather and construction zone followed by construction zone, the


The Speed Limiter Mandate Rule: What it Means for You

Sometimes you need to put the pedal to the metal to get your loads delivered on time. It happens, and you just hope you don’t get caught.