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Trucking News


Making Big Rigs Safer: Who’s Right?

In case you’ve been in a dead zone with no Internet connection, trucking safety concerns recently created a stir online. To catch you up to speed, Howard Abramson, previously an executive at the American Trucking Association, published an op-ed piece …

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The Downside of Becoming an Owner-Operator

Many truck drivers dream about becoming an owner operator. Owning your own truck is, after all, the pinnacle of truck driving jobs. Unfortunately,

trucking dispatcher

A Day in the Life of a Truck Dispatcher

Truck driver dispatchers are charged with the task of placing loads with truckers. On a daily basis they deal with everything from bad weather to spelling


Dealing with Truck Dispatcher Problems

Truck drivers and dispatchers are like mismatched cousins. You have to deal with them from time to time in

Dispatcher Center

What Type of Tech and Gadgets do Truck Dispatchers Use?

The days of depending on the postal service, fax machines and pay phones for coordinating loads with truck drivers are long past gone. Today’s world, whether you


Trucker’s Journal: A Month in the Life

  If you want to know how to become a truck driver, or how to get a CDL, there is plenty of information available online. Many

Happy Truck Driver Standing Beside His Truck

Check out the Best Paying Cities for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver part of the perk of your job is you get to travel to and from cities across the US on a regular basis.


HCCI Transport Aims to Put Veterans Back to Work

Across the trucking industry, there are a number of initiatives in place with the purpose of helping veterans find work after they are back home. One service-disabled

werner sturgis 3

Werner to Sponsor Upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Werner Enterprises has announced that it will serve as the official trucking company of the 75th Annual 2015 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“We are

donna and dennis hart

Author Seeks Submissions for “Trucker Stories”

Just after Donna Hart and her future husband, Dennis started dating, they sat over lunch as Dennis shared stories from his time on the road as a truck