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Trucking News


Love Your Truck: Outfitting Your Truck for the Road

Truck drivers like to drive good looking tractor-trailers. Whether they can drive the newest or nicest truck is a part of this. However, most truckers aren’t able to buy a new tractor-trailer, or their 18-wheeler is owned by their employer. …

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Check Out the Most Beautiful Trucks of Pride and Polish

From brilliant paint jobs to the shiniest chrome on the highways, the best looking tractor-trailers in the US are spotlighted during Pride and Polish. Hosted annually by


What You Need to Become an Eco-Friendly Truck Driver

If you are interested in becoming an eco-friendly trucker, you are in good company. More and more truck drivers, owner operators and trucking companies are steering toward the


How to Get Started with Car Hauling Jobs as a Trucker

Finding truck driving jobs is a lot easier when you have a specialty that you prefer. For example, truckers who are auto enthusiasts make great car haulers. Imagine


Amazon Flex Outsources Delivery Jobs Uber Style

Just as Google is synonymous with searching online, Amazon certainly has its sights set on being synonymous with online buying. From creating its own fleet of trucks to


Amazon Prime Air Drones are Good for the Trucking Industry

What started as a joke in 2013 has become a reality thanks to Amazon’s drones. Yes, it appears that Amazon Prime Air, the latest innovation in online package


Amazon.com Moving to Start a Trucking Company

In the years since Amazon.com first started out as a bookselling company, this behemoth of a business has taken over the online marketplace. Anything and everything a person

Pressure cooker

Pressure Cooking 101 – Healthy and Easy Meals For Truckers

Thanks to truck drivers like the Plant Fueled Trucker Bobby Anderson, electric pressure cookers are


Meatless Truckers and Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Pot-O-Lasagna

OK to preface this, you do not have to be a vegetarian to eat a meatless meal. That’s like saying you can’t celebrate Christmas if you are not


So You Want to be a Truck Driver in China

Have you seen that show where some of the Ice Road Truckers tested their luck