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Trucking News

final mile

Trucking Charity Helps Driving Families In Crisis

The life of a trucker comes with sacrifice. Missing those special moments with your loved ones all because you drive thousands of miles to make a living for your family. Trucking has its risks just like any other job and …

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Indiana inmates may soon be trucking

A bill is headed to the Indiana Senate that would help prisoners get training in truck driving, plumbing, and other trades. Senate Bill 173, authored by Sen.

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Tennessee Traffic? There’s An App For That

Transportation is a way of life. No matter how every American travels, whether by plane, transit systems, or with a car, transportation is an everyday routine. For some,

Rainy River Community College

Rainy River Community College training new drivers

Rainy River Community College is offering new courses aimed at putting drivers behind the wheel as truck drivers. The college, located in International Falls, Minn., recently announced

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5 Traits of a Successful Trucker

With the new year upon us, you might be setting New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you plan to be more healthy or more organized in 2015. For those


Christmas Comes to Netflix

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! From Christmas carols on the radio to Christmas cookies being rolled out in the kitchen, it seems that everyone


Love or Hate ‘Em, These Are Trucking’s Routes

Did you know an average trucker drives a little over 100,000 miles per year? That’s an average of around 500 miles spent on the road daily. With all


Sleep Apnea? Driver shares her med cert experience

Recently, I had to renew my DOT physical to go to work for a new company. I went to the company-appointed clinic with all of my medical information,

Ghost Fleet

New graphic novel “Ghost Fleet” has trucking twist

Donny Cates has already reached success critical acclaim for his miniseries Buzzkill, but the graphic novelist is back, this time with a trucking-themed miniseries. Ghost Fleet, a


Netflix in November

From thrillers to feel-good movies, Netflix in November has a little something for everyone, truckers included. With the temperatures falling and snow on its way, you’ll be content