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Trucking News


States that Ban Sleeping at Overnight Rest Areas

As a truck driver you have to sleep in your truck when you take over the road trucking jobs. Everyone knows this, yet it doesn’t make finding a place to pull over any easier. The lack of trucker parking isn’t …

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The Tesla and the Truck: An Autonomous Vehicle Accident

Well, we knew it was coming. Someone died while testing out the self-driving Tesla. But what does this mean to truck drivers? If you have heard


5 Reasons Why Fearing Self-Driving Trucks Makes Good Sense

Robots invade the US and take over truck driving jobs. That is a sentence that no truck driver wants to ever hear. Yet to many truckers this


The Crazy Things That Truckers See in Passing Cars

Every trucker has a crazy story from the road. After all, it’s impossible to drive as much as they do, for as long as they do, and


The Best Truck Stops in Florida

If you have trucking jobs that are carrying you down the panhandle state this summer, you want to be as prepared as possible. The


The Latest News on the Validity and Use of CSA Scores

When you talk to truck drivers about CSA scores, it’s like striking a match. Everyone has something to get fired up about. It seems like CSA scores

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How To Start a Truck Driving School

Imagine this scenario. You are tired of being a truck driver, or you need a change of pace for health reasons. You still want to be involved


2 Top Reasons Why So Many Truckers are Leaving the Industry

Did you know that some of the best paying trucking companies in the US have reported a 100 percent turnover rate in


Best Truck Stops and Rest Areas in Utah

When you need a place to stop along your route for an over the road trucking job, you want to make the most of your stop. Traveling through

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Trucking Rites of Passage

Truck drivers are one-of-a-kind types of people. But would you believe that they weren’t born that way? Truckers go through a series of rites of passages, similar