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Trucking News

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Cargo At Rest Is Cargo At Risk

Tips to minimize cargo theft Cargo theft in America has been on the rise in recent years, trucking companies have been using technology and training to address the industry wide problem. One company that has used these tips to minimize …

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CTA calls USDA’s increased border fee inconsistent

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) proposal to substantially raise the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service fees at the Canadian border has the fleet group, the Canadian


How to Survive 4th of July Traffic

Year after year, July 4th has proven to be the deadliest day on the road. With more travelers expected to be on the road this weekend than in

HOS restart

Restarting the Restart?

Elimination, not explanation, needed for HOS restart provision

Included in the push to put together the next highway funding bill before funding runs out later this year, Congress is


Give Yourself a Promotion

"Educator" and "teacher" are two words that are often interchanged in error, but there's more than a small amount of difference between them. The word "teacher" is used


HOS rule amendment headed to House

One of the biggest news stories during the past week has been that of a deadly multi-vehicle crash involving actor-comedian Tracy Morgan. Now, a few days after

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Move over Gosling! Truckers say “Hey”

10 "Hey Girl" memes that only truck drivers will understand.



What’s next for New Century drivers?

New Century Transportation announced at a meeting of the Rutgers Business Outlook on June 3 that it would be closing its doors. “It’s really, really challenging to operate in the

Bully Dog HD Truckwcap - FAQ story

What are Diesel Truck Engine Programmers?

Given today’s price of fuel and the escalation of power outputs, truck owners are searching for even the slightest of improvements. Progress has been made with the help of


HOS Rules Renew Focus on Waiting Time

Although the restart provisions of the new HOS rules have most of the industry’s attention these days, the requirement that waiting time must now be logged as