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Trucking News

Maverick 2

Maverick wins multiple Carrier Excellence Awards

Maverick Transportation is proud to announce not only one but two awards that the company received for their 2014 transportation and logistics performance. Maverick was named a Top Transportation Value Index Carrier by Tyson Foods, Inc. for the second year …

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Trucking industry feels the first bite of economic downfall

When it comes to economic downfall, one of the first industries to feel the bite is the trucking industry. When the shipping and delivering loads of the nation

Con-way 2

Con-way donates equipment to community college

Con-way Freight officials will visit Lewis and Clark Community College this week in order to give the college a pretty awesome gift. Con-way is donating a set

Weigh Station

Western states fight for uniform weight limit

An amendment to the federal highway reauthorization that would establish a common maximum weight limit for 14 western states is gaining momentum, as well as focusing attention

Congress House

Highway Appropriations Bill Receives Criticism

The U.S. House of Appropriations subcommittee in charge of setting the budget for the Department of Transportation presented a plan


FMCSA wants comments on reward-based program proposal

The FMCSA is working constantly to think of new ways to keep America’s roadways as safe as they can be. Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation and


Truckers sue Minnesota over biodiesel mandate

A new biodiesel mandate in Minnesota is proving to be quite unpopular among those in the trucking industry. Last week, Minnesota truckers and groups sued the state


Trucking gets a nod for progress on Earth Day

Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) is celebrating Earth Day by emphasizing the industry’s strong progress towards developing a sustainable future. The


Grant renewed for KLLM, Hinds CC partnership

Since 2012, KLLM Transport Services and Hinds Community College have engaged in a partnership that has allowed a number of students to participate in Hinds’ truck driver

fittest of the fleet 2

Prime Inc. asks who is “Fittest of the Fleet”

Looking for some good motivation to finally get in shape? This ought to do it. Prime Inc.’s popular “Fittest of the Fleet” competition will be back for