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5 Great Truck Stops Around the U.S.


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Have you ever been to a truck stop that made you think, “This is a boring place to be”? You won’t have to at these interstate rest areas. They have features many would describe as way beyond average and closer to weird. Regardless, these truck stops offer some uniqueness to the typical rest areas that populate the the interstates around the country. Be sure to leave your comments if you’ve happened to come across any similar truck stops.

Iowa 80 – Its not everyday that you find a trucking museum, a dog wash, and a movie theater at a truck stop. With an assortment of features that would invite many non truckers inside, you would begin to wonder about what outrageous aspect they have for people just looking for a quick meal. With their 50-foot-long salad bar, they’ve got you covered. Herbivore or not.

South of the Border (Porky’s Truck Stop) – Definitely worth the visit, this truck stop is advertised on billboards 100 miles away. Mini golf, a reptile lagoon, golf course, jogging trail, and a wedding chapel await patrons that demand more from their truck stop. Interesting to note, there’s a 200-foot-tall Sombrero Observation Tower. That’s something you definitely don’t see every day.

Little America – You can’t find a conference hotel and recreation center in all truck stops. That’s what makes Little America standout from the rest. With two locations in Wyoming, these trucks stops are nestled in a ponderosa pine forest. We hear that many patrons that visit this truck stop tend to stop to take time to remind themselves that they are actually at a truck stop and not a luxury resort.

Whiskey Pete’s – While we’re sure that this name may mislead some, we assure you that fun will be had inside this truck stop that features an outlet mall and roller coaster. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert at the Nevada-California line, you can try your hand at the nearby casinos, grab a bite to eat at the 24hr restaurant, and business minded folks can print off a document at the business center.

Willie’s Place – This Texas truck stop is partly owned by Willie Nelson. Serving up Willie’s own brand of bio-diesel fuel and an occasional live performance at the adjacent theater and saloon, this truck stop definitely stands out. Pickup Willie Nelson merchandise inside and be sure to tune into his satellite radio show, which sometimes broadcasts live from the site.
williesplacetheater.com (now closed)

If run of the mill truck stops aren’t a priority while you’re on the road then you will enjoy what these have to offer. What’s the strangest or most interesting truck stop that you’ve came across in your career? What states have the best truck stops? Feel free to share in the comments section below!


  1. ralph leidy says:

    You did not tell about Carls Corner Truck Stop near waco Tx. Its non discript, but there is a simi truck on the truck fuel island. There are marshins on the gas ful island. There is a very large country bar and night club. It was said that Willey Nelson ownes the truck stop. The five truck stops you talked about, I have been to a numder of times. I have 27 years running 48 states and Canada.. Thank You Ralph Leidy

    • Justin says:

      If you been to willie’s place during your 27 years running, then you should know that carl’s corner truck stop is the same location.

      • Duffy says:

        Two years ago they had the place shut down after being re-open following the reconstruction. It only stayed open for about one year and then it was shut down. Has it re-opened again?

  2. Great information and also somewhat were there located. Myself have 9 years in the business in Colorado. Use to work with RAC Transport out of Commerce City, Colo. Left trucking in 2003, Now decided to return and take of home. Lost a Government State job. But never liked it anyway. Trucking i always did. Gave me the freedom and time to do things and see places. Well I guess I will be on the road again very shortly. And again thanks for the valuable information. Will be very useful. Even though I plan to stay regional, or if I can dedicated. Live in Georgia and want to be Southern.

  3. Justin says:

    To bad willie’s place/Carls Corner Truck Stop was taking over by petro a few months ago. Time to update the list.

  4. Nanette says:

    Some truck stop are just the same old thing over and over. But some have that little bit of real truck stop feel that some cares about the truck driver. A new little truck stop just going in just south of Arcadia , FL. is one of those. This Truck Stop will have it all, a restaurant , Bar, Laundry, showers, store, fuel and more. It is in walking distance of a Produce stand and local bus to town. So if you find your self headed to Arcadia Fl wal-mart DC you will find it on south bound US HWY 17 just between Arcadia and Nocatee FL.

  5. Paul says:

    I recommend Simonsons’s in Grand Forks, ND @ I-29 & US-2/Gateway Drive. Not real big, but has a really GOOD 24/7 restaurant: Excellent food cooked right with good portions, fair prices, nice staff, Pretty waitresses :-)
    Also has showers, convenience store with good coffee, WI-FI, Laundry, repair & tire shop, etc. Even has a lounge with live bands several days a week, Karaoke on Tues. Even if you, (like myself), don’t drink you can have a good time.


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