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Hey Truckers, Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have Company on the Road?


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Those long trips can be hard on a trucker with a soft heart. Time away from loved ones can prove to be challenging. Sometimes, it seems like all you have time to do is sleep–if you’re lucky. As truckers, you spend so much time on the road all alone. But what if more companies implemented policies allowing you to bring someone–a person you can stand being around for extended periods of time–on those long trips for free? A few employers are making the move.

Shaffer Trucking is among a growing list of companies offering their drivers flexibility to determine who can accompany them while driving. Some of the reasons cited for introducing a free rider policy include:

-Make the driving experience more pleasant
-Allow truckers to spend time with family and friends
-Boost driver morale
-Help keep the driver alert
-Improve safety precautions since another person is onboard

“Being able to take family, and even a friend, along on rides at no cost, makes the rigors of being an over-the-road driver much more tolerable. The time away from home and family is hard, but if you have a loved one along for the ride it’s not so bad,” says one of Shaffers drivers.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Learn more about Shaffer Trucking and their free rider policy.

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U-turn: Does your company have a liberal rider policy? Are you for or against guest riders?

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