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Independent Owner-Operators and Small Fleets Inspected More Often


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Why do smaller fleets get inspected more than larger fleets? Is the little guy a bad guy? Or simply a target?

According to data from the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, the latter might be the case. During the CSA program’s first two years, independent owner-operator vehicles were four times more likely to be inspected than a carrier with more than 500 trucks.

It appears, in addition to being inspected more often, smaller fleets face a greater chance of being flagged for violations and placed out of service. Having a high BASIC score ultimately impacts an independent owner-operator’s ability to secure business and remain competitive in the trucking industry. Such disparities negatively influence how small fleet drivers perceive and interact with law enforcement.

Commercial Carrier Journal launched a CSA Data Trail Website, including in-depth reports on the questionable enforcement of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA program. The site also created an infographic, Small Fleets Loom Large on Inspectors’ Radar, to highlight their findings.

Note: Small fleets are represented in yellow and large fleets are in red.




U-turn: Are owner-operators and smaller fleets unfairly targeted by CSA? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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