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Truckers are You Using the Right GPS?


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A majority of truckers invest in proper technologies to aid their driving experience.  Global Positioning Systems (GPS) vary for truckers versus car drivers. It's important to know that all GPS devices are not the same.  If you are an inexperienced driver, or someone who does not pay too much attention to technology, you need to invest in a truck specific GPS. Studies show that an inappropriate GPS system can increase the risk of accidents.  Such systems can also cause loss of life, traffic delays, and major damage to trucking property.

Dangers of using the wrong navigation system
1)  Increased risk of lower bridge strikes

2)  Does not show specific hazmat routes
3)  Driving into prohibited parkways
4)  Routing on roads that have truck length, and weight restrictions

View FMCSA Visor Card below:
Appropriate GPS navigation


Image Credit: TruckGPS.org
Image Credit: FMCSA.gov

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