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Schneider National – Driver Recruiting [Video]


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Driver Recruiter for Schneider National, Kevin McCrary goes over what his company has to offer for prospective drivers.


  1. My name is Raymond Rockwell and i am interested in a truck driving career i have no expirence so i am looking for a company that will offer me training i am ready to be trained if you accept me as a trainee it would be an honor to drive for your company i do have my comercial drivers instruction permit it has expired but for 10 dollars i can renew it if you can help me out please contact me at my e-mail rockwell_raymond@yahoo.com you may also contact me by phone my phone # is (509)-387-2192 thank-you from Raymond Rockwell

  2. Is this the same thing i just did ? do i have to right the same thing again? all i want is for a trucking company to give me chance at career as a professional driver i am ready to be trained

  3. Jennah says:

    Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tirkcy at all!”

  4. hi i’m a filipino trailer driver for 17 years, i don’t have cdl if you will sent me to training school i am very much willing to drive in your company. all i need is my cdl drivers license i’m in good health i don’t smoke i don’t drink

  5. Ed Garcia says:

    Hey Kevin this is Ed Garcia just touching base with you got all the info,.you required and my CDL is straighten out. Would like to set up another phone interview please asap, thx.

  6. Jim Montie says:

    Hey fellas. Check us out at http://www.schneiderjobs.com/youtube – We’re hiring recent driving school graduates and experienced drivers. I am also here to help. You can find me on facebook at facebook.com/jobsatschneider Travel safe. -Jim

  7. i am looking for a driver job i have about 4 years experience

  8. Norm Rushton says:

    I am a new guy just trying to fit into this new career field! My last experience was as a fighter pilot dropping what the bad guys didn’t like me to drop! However, can someone advise me how best to get into this career field! I’m an older guy but eager to learn! Thanks! Norm


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